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AB Consulting - Accredited Training Organization

"We help organizations and professionals to change and to improve their performance"

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AB Consulting is one of the largest Accredited Training Organizations in Africa specialized in Governance, Security, Risk Management, IT Service Management and Project Management delivering courses and certifications Worldwide. AB Consulting instructors are recognized as thought leaders and as such contribute to 'best practices'-based curricula. A unique feature of AB Consulting is that our instructors and educationalists are actively involved in AB Consulting's consultancy business. This enables us to provide a challenging mix of theory and practice. The practical applicability of the knowledge and know-how acquired is thus guaranteed.

Why certify?

The certification allows you to assess your skills and test your knowledge of a framework, a standard or a method. Recognized by all Organizations in the world, official certifications enable Professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and Enterprises to easily identify skills they are looking for. The certifications also benefit Companies providing services increased credibility with their customers.

The most comprehensive Governance, Information Security, Risk and IT Service Management Training Program in Africa.

Welcome to the world of accreditation and certification on best practices, management methodologies and management systems.

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