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PRINCE2® Bootcamp

Master PRINCE2® with our one-week bootcamp


This PRINCE2® Bootcamp: Foundation & Practitioner (AXELOS®/APMG) Course & Certifications is a 5-day, interactive, classroom-based learning experience. The bootcamp comprises a 3-day Foundation Module and 2-day Practitioner Preparation Module, which can be taken together or separately. Through practice exams, workshops and overnight study, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to take the Foundation Exam on Day 3 and then the Practitioner Exam on Day 5 of the program. The purpose of the session is to ensure that the candidate has achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor PRINCE2® in a real life situation. A successful Practitioner candidate should, with suitable direction, be able to start applying the method to a real project but may not be sufficiently skilled to do this appropriately for all situations. Their individual project management expertise, complexity of the project and the support provided for the use of PRINCE2® in their work environment will all be factors that impact what the Practitioner can achieve.

PRINCE2® Bootcamp training course accredited by AXELOS®/APMG

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Course calendar

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No public session currently planned in this country.
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The PRINCE2® Bootcamp: Foundation & Practitioner (AXELOS®/APMG) Course & Certifications is aimed at project managers and aspiring project managers. It is also relevant to other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of projects, including: Project Board members (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners), Team Managers (e.g. Product Delivery Managers), Project Assurance (e.g. Business Change Analysts), Project Support (e.g. Project and Programme Office personnel) and operational line managers/staff.


There are no formal prerequisites. However, it is recommended that participants have experience in the Project Management. PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate, taken online on the third day of the training, is a mandatory pre-requisite to undertake the Practitioner exam.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, each participant will be able to apply and understand how to tailor PRINCE2® effectively to a project within an organization environment supporting PRINCE2®. Specifically attendees should:

  • Understand the relationships between the roles, management products, principles, themes, techniques and processes
  • Be able to apply the principles, themes and processes to a project
  • Be able to create and assess management products.

Course agenda

Introduction to PRINCE2® and Project Management

  •  Characteristics of project management
  •  Project and product life cycles
  •  History of PRINCE2®
  •  Overview of methodology
  •  Project Management structure
  •  Benefits of PRINCE2®

The 7 Principles of PRINCE2®

  •  Continued business justification
  •  Learn from experience
  •  Defined roles and responsibility
  •  Manage by Stages
  •  Manage by Exception
  •  Focus on products
  •  Tailor to suit the project environment

The 7 Themes of PRINCE2®

  •  Organisation
  •  Change
  •  Progress
  •  Quality
  •  Risk
  •  Plans
  •  Business Case

The 7 Processes of PRINCE2®

  •  Starting a project
  •  Directing a project
  •  Initiating a project
  •  Controlling a stage
  •  Managing Stage Boundaries
  •  Managing Product Delivery
  •  Closing a Project

The Tailoring of PRINCE2

Foundation Exam preparation

  •  Exam Tips & Tricks
  •  Mock Exam

Official Online PRINCE2® Foundation Exam (60 minutes - 75 Questions)

Revision of PRINCE2® Foundation Qualification

  •  The 7 principles
  •  The 7 Themes
  •  The 7 Processes
  •  Tailoring PRINCE 2®

Coaching on the examination structure and process

Practical case study on how to implement PRINCE2®

Practitioner Exam preparation

  •  Exam Tips & Tricks
  •  Mock Exam

Official PRINCE2® Practitioner exam (8 questions - 150 minutes)


PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

The official PRINCE2® Foundation exam is included in the session. It consists of 75 multi-choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes. This is a closed book exam. The certification is granted as soon as the canditate provides at least 35 correct answers out of 70 (50%). The examination takes place immediately at the end of the course, is invigilated by an accredited invigilator and can be provided as web-based or paper-based.

Achievement of this certificate is a prerequisite for the PRINCE2® Practitioner course and exam.

PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam

The official exam PRINCE2® Practitioner AXELOS®/APMG is included in the PRINCE2® Bootcamp: Foundation & Practitioner (AXELOS®/APMG) Course & Certifications student package.

The purpose of the practitioner qualification is to confirm you have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor PRINCE2® in a scenario situation. The exam consists of 8 multiple-choice questions, ten question items per question, each worth one mark. to be answered in 150 minutes (2h 30 mn). This is an open-book exam (Official PRINCE2® manual only. The certification is granted as soon as the canditate provides at least 44 correct answers out of 80 (55%). The examination takes place immediately at the end of the course and is invigilated by an accredited invigilator.

The PRINCE2® Examination Board has determined that all PRINCE2® Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 calendar years of their original certification. This re-registration comprises a 1-hour examination set at the same standard as the Practitioner examination. All Practitioners who take the Practitioner exam are agreeing to this requirement as part of their initial application and so are now as Registered Practitioners, which enables Employers and prospective Employers to be confident with their recency of knowledge and commitment to Continuing Professional Development.


Document sans titre Alain Bonneaud CGEIT® - COBIT® 5 - ITIL® - ISO/IEC 20000 - ISO/IEC 27001

The course PRINCE2® Bootcamp: Foundation & Practitioner (AXELOS®/APMG) Course & Certifications is delivered by Alain BONNEAUD (CGEIT®, COBIT® 5 Accredited Trainer). Alain is one of the few people in the world having an extensive experience in the implementation and Assessment of COBI® 5 enablers and holding the COBIT® 5 Certified Assessor certification issued by ISACA®.

Alain Bonneaud is an International Expert in the domains of Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT®) and IT Service Management (ITIL®, ISO/IEC 20000, COBIT® 5, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 38500, PRINCE2®). Alain regularly acts as "IT Governance and Transformation Senior Manager" within International Firms all around the world, to assist them in the implementation of IT Governance and IT Service Management (ITSM). He is also accredited for many years to deliver training and certification: ITIL® ( Foundation, Intermediate and MALC), ISO / IEC 20000, ISO / IEC 27002 and COBIT®.

Alain is also Head of Delegation of Ivory Coast in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC40 and JTC1/SC27 sub-committees, and, as such, he is co-editor of ISO/IEC 27013 (Integrated Implementation of ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001, published in 2013) and ISO 20000-8 (ISO/IEC 20000 Implementation for the Very Small Entities - To be published).

Price and financial conditions

Fees include the whole package composed of :

  •  training delivery by a trainer approved by AXELOS®/APMG on the complete PRINCE2® qualification scheme,
  •  personalized welcome in the training room with mineral water, breaks and lunch,
  •  course material approved by AXELOS®/APMG,
  •  official publication Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® 2009 (TSO Ed.) in printed format
  •  intensive exam perparation,
  •  official online PRINCE2® Foundation examination (AXELOS®/APMG Exam),
  •  official PRINCE2® Practitioner examination (AXELOS®/APMG Exam),
  •  delivery of the PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Certifcates by APMG (for successful candidates),
  •  group limited to 10 people max. (25 people max. for online courses) in order to guarantee the quality of the interactivity with the instructor.
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Terms & Conditions

To be validated, PRINCE2® Bootcamp: Foundation & Practitioner (AXELOS®/APMG) Course & Certifications online registration is requested (a registration link is provided in the "Dates" tab on the line corresponding to each session)

Full payment of the course and exams must be recieved at latest 10 working days before the start of the training. We accept payments by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

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Save 10%* on the price of any registration received, accompanied by its full payment, more than 30 days before the first day of the session.

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